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Olsen Elementary School9

Port Aransas, TX | Nueces County

July 20, 2011

Olsen Elementary is an outstanding school in all respects. The defamatory statement and negative review submitted by the former Olsen ES parent ("Olsen cheats to achieve good TAKS scores.") clearly parallels their negative attitude and behavior while they were in the Port Aransas school community. Obviously, nothing has changed. It is also disappointing that greatschools.com permits libelous statements such as this to be posted without verifying with school authorities if formal charges have been filed in this regard.

Submitted by a parent

July 19, 2011

Olsen Elementary is a great school. The teachers are dedicated and professional. They go above and beyond with all of their students regardless of their economic situations. I happily send my children to school each day knowing that they will be challenged and nutured by the staff at Olsen. I can't think of a better school in South Texas. For the family living in Round Top-Carmine. Sounds like that district is a better fit for you and your family. You should spend your time writing about them and less time putting false information up about Port Aransas. I think you for got to read to read the School Review and Guidelins because clearly you violated many of them.

Submitted by a parent

July 16, 2011

WE SUGGEST YOU FIND A DIFFERENT SCHOOL TO ATTEND! AS FAR AS PARENT INVOLVEMENT, IT IS ONLY THE DECA-MILLIONAIRE MOTHERS THAT ARE SUPER INVOLVED. THE POOR ARE VERY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Very, very disappointing considering what great reviews we had read about the district. Both of my children attended Olsen Elementary for 2 yrs. My oldest son attended 3rd & 5th grade. We found in BOTH years, he had already had ALL of the material in his prior yrs, 2nd and 4th from Round Top-Carmine ISD, which receives exemplary rankings most years. We were very disappointed at the very slow pace which the school teaches. In 6th Grade back at RT-C, he was STAR tested to have over 12th grade math ability! Our now 9 year old attended preschool and kindergarten at Olsen. Upon entering 1st grade at RT-C ISD, he was very stressed the first 2 months, trying to catch up. Going into 3rd grade next year, he has been chosen for Gifted and Talented at RT-C. Both children were denied by Olsen Elementary to be in Gifted and Talented. BOTH children won TOP math student for their grade at RT-C. The oldest received the Presidential Academic Award for grades 4th through 6th! Olsen cheats to achieve good TAKS scores.

Submitted by a parent

May 26, 2005

Pretty good level of parent involvement and good art and music classes. They NEED to have a REAL Talented and Gifted Class avail. for these students.

Submitted by a parent

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